Scribble or peck?

I stumbled across this young man’s blog this evening and decided I would share his most recent post with you. Now, I use the term “young man” loosely, as I’m not entirely convinced that he is actually a “boy in a hat.” He describes himself as a “21 year old Romanian high school dropout,” but an early photograph posted on his site suggests he may have been born many decades before 1992. Initially, what caught my attention about his post was the obvious use of non-existent words in the title. As I skimmed through his structured rambling, I realized, the question posed is quite a beefy one. One that undoubtedly almost every writer has pondered at some point. For me, the answer would have to be typer. Yep, I’m a typer, hands down. I even choose typing over handwriting when drafting a story or article. The creativity just flows more easily that way, it seems. So, what’s your preference?
“Are you a handwriter or a typer?”

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