Oh, the sensationalism!

IKEA – “Hey, is that a hoof in my meatball ?”

I find it odd that the European media is bothering to explain this, much less act as if anyone (other than the American public) is freaking out about it. It’s no secret that horse meat, or “equine,” is commonly served and consumed throughout Europe. And it isn’t seen any differently than eating beef or chicken – in fact, it’s not any different at all. I was unfortunate enough to have lived next to a horse farm in Sicily; and it was several months before I realized why these beautiful animals were roaming the pasture one day… and gone the next. It’s time for us to stop and think about what this means. We consider it unthinkable to slaughter horses for their meat, while it’s perfectly acceptable to raise and slaughter cows, pigs and other animals for theirs. Morally, it’s no different- it is simply a matter of perspective. Personally, I do not eat meat, period…and I never have to worry about accidentally consuming what was once a beautiful creature, simply because I ate a meatball at a Swedish furniture store .

Food for thought, if you will.


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